Our Mission

The Catholic Multicultural Center is dedicated to helping our brothers and sisters in need by serving the whole person. We accomplish this mission by meeting immediate needs, providing educational services, and offering spiritual and cultural activities to recognize and respect the dignity of each person.

Our Motto

Making a Difference, One Person at a Time.

Catholic Multicultural Center Making a Difference One Person at a Time

Our Vision

The Catholic Multicultural Center strives to:

1) Provide an empowering social ministry to meet the needs of the whole person
– Programs, services, and space are informed by and respond to the needs of those served
– Integrated, efficient services that incorporate spiritual, social, emotional, and physical dimensions
– Recognize the dignity and self-worth of those served
– Strength-based approaches that build upon individual’s gifts and abilities
– An understanding of the impact of programs and services on the broader community

2) Foster multicultural unity
– Core values of dignity and respect for all people
– Serve as a multicultural and intercultural gathering space
– Create an environment where one feels welcome and safe
– A sense of solidarity among those who gather at CMC

3) Cultivate collaboration among the local Catholic Church, other faith-based organizations, and community entities
– Coordination among organizations with common commitments that allows for the leveraging of resources and opportunities
– Create awareness on what resources, including those at the CMC, the community has to offer
– Meaningful interfaith involvement in social ministry
– Active participation and support from local Catholic parishes
– Service learning opportunities for faith-based and youth groups


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