Currently shower and laundry are not available due to the pandemic. Click here for a list of current programming.

Shower & Laundry Facilities

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm

Shower sign-up hours: 9:00am to 2:30pm
Laundry sign-up hours: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Shower and laundry facilities at the CMC

Shower and laundry facilities are available to the public weekdays for people who are homeless. The CMC has one shower and one laundry room with a washer, dryer, and wash sink. Soap, shampoo, and towels are generally available to shower users upon request. The facilities serve as many people as possible each day during program hours. The program is first come, first served basis and can only serve a limited number of guests each day, so arriving as close to 9:00am as possible will improve guests’ chances of being served. After signing up at the front desk, guests may choose to leave and come back at their allotted time or to wait at the Center.

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