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Foodservice Training
Through the Culinary Creations Catering social enterprise, the CMC offers foodservice training and professional development to open the door to new career opportunities to participating individuals. The program is intended for individuals facing barriers to employment who are interested in working in the culinary field. Participants work as paid employees for the catering enterprise, developing hands-on experience working in a commercial kitchen and learning the basics of operating and managing a business. Employees receive on-the-job training in food preparation and food safety along with a classroom-style component to work towards earning a nationally-recognized food safety certification. The goal is that through their time at the enterprise, employees will have gained the skills, work history, and confidence needed to present themselves to an employer as a capable candidate.

Interested individuals can apply for admission into the training program at any time and will be contacted when openings are available. The application process involves a paper application, interview, background check, (previous convictions do not necessarily preclude admission), and two-week on-the-job trial period.

If accepted into the program, participants advance through the training until they are ready to obtain a job outside the enterprise; participants typically stay in the program for six months up to two years. Job placement and post-placement follow up services are also offered to trainees.

For more information about job training at CMC Culinary Creations Catering or how to apply, contact Steve Maurice by using the staff contact form and writing “CMC Foodservice Training” in the subject line.

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