The CMC features a small chapel where all are welcome to pray and reflect. It is open during the normal business hours of the CMC. The chapel harbors symbols of the Center’s roots and the Catholic values upon which the organization is based.

Stained glass window in CMC chapel Stained glass windowsThe chapel features seven finely-crafted stained glass windows. The windows were a part of the chapel of the original St. Martin House building. St. Martin House spiritual director Msgr. George Hastrich, along with long-time volunteers, fought to preserve all the windows when the old building was torn down and the new building was constructed. The windows originally came from an old church and each represents one of the seven Catholic sacraments, making them rich in history and symbolism alike.

Patron saints The CMC’s two patron saints are St. Martin de Porres and Our Lady of Guadalupe, honoring the two organizations that combined to form the Catholic Multicultural Center. Statues of each reside in the chapel. St. Martin de Porres is the patron saint of interracial harmony and known for his compassion to the poor, sick and to all living creatures. The Virgin Mary in her form as Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Americas, is a prominent religious figure for Catholics from Mexico and throughout Latin and North America.

Crucifix The crucifix in the chapel is from Nigeria. It was a gift from a visiting Nigerian Bishop to the late Bishop Bullock, the Diocese of Madison Bishop who facilitated the building of the current Center. Bishop Bullock bestowed the crucifix upon the CMC after the new building was complete. This crucifix is a celebration of cultural diversity and religious unity, reminding us that there are many ways to portray Jesus on the cross, each as unique as the cultures that create them.

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