Everyone has something to contribute to the CMC. One of the most basic yet powerful ways to help out is to pray for the CMC and the people it serves. Focusing your thoughts and prayers on the individuals and families seeking assistance at the Center and on the people striving to provide assistance, is something each and every person can give. All are welcome during business hours to pray in the CMC Chapel.

Prayer for Charity and a Preferential Option for the Poor
Mary Lou KownackiPoor Ones, Please take the bread.
It is yours.
The house with running water belongs to you.
A plot of land, a dignified job— all yours.
Forgive me for offering it.
Charity is no substitute for justice
but your children are hungry now.Spirit of Justice, break open our hearts.
Break them wide open.
Let anger pour through like strong winds,
cleansing us of complacency.
Let courage pour through like spring storms,
flooding out fear.
Let zeal pour through like blazing summer sun,
filling us with passion.
Force of Justice, grant me anger at what is,
courage to do what must be done,
passion to break down the walls of injustice
and build a land flowing
with milk and honey for God’s beloved,
God’s special love,
God’s Poor Ones.

Spirit of Justice
break open our hearts.

Prayers from Saint Oscar Romero

God of the prophets, we pray for ourselves and our church that we might become prophets of justice and life to our world.

God of justice, we repent the sin of our church when it fails to denounce injustice in our world and to call its people to repentance and conversion.

Prayer for Renewal
Catholic OnlineGlory to you,
O Lord our God,
Your love calls us to be your people.
By sharing our many and diverse gifts
we share in your mission.
We ask you, Lord,
to shape us into a community of faith.
Nourish us by your word and sacraments
that we may grow into the image of Jesus.
Through the power of your Holy Spirit,
heal us that we, in turn,
may heal the wounded.
Form us to be instruments of love,
justice, and peace in our land,
and send us to proclaim your saving work.RENEW us, Lord,
that we may renew the face of the earth.


A Vocation Blessing
Sister Ita Ford (murdered in El Salvador in 1980)

I  hope you come to find
that which gives life a deep meaning for you.
Something worth living for – maybe even worth dying for –
Something that energizes you, enthuses you,
And enables you to keep moving ahead.
I can’t tell you what it might be –
That’s for you to find, to choose to love.
I can just encourage you to start looking,
And support you in the search.

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