Volunteer at the CMC

The Catholic Multicultural Center’s programs and services depend upon the many helping hands of volunteers like you! The CMC has volunteer opportunities for all ages and abilities for both individuals and groups.
Ready to get involved? The first step to volunteering is to meet with the Volunteer Coordinator to receive a CMC orientation and fill out a volunteer application. Contact Laura Green using the staff contact form or call 608-441-1180. You can also see a listing of available positions on Volunteeryourtime.org.

If you are required to do court-ordered community service, volunteer opportunities are available. For court-ordered volunteering, contact Antonio Quintanilla using the staff contact form or by calling 608-441-3249.

Volunteer Positions

Please note that not all positions have immediate openings.

Food Pantry Volunteering

Food Pantry

Van Driver Volunteering

Social Enterprise Van Driver

Garden Volunteering

Food Pantry Garden

ESL Teaching

English as a Second Language:
Teacher or Helper

Child Care Volunteering

Child Care

Reception Desk

Reception Desk (bilingual)

Homework Club

Homework Club Tutor

Computer Lab Volunteering

Computer Lab



Cook Volunteering

Meal Cook

Meal Serving

Meal Server


Employment Search Assistance (bilingual)

CMC Volunteer Policies

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